For the Love of Flowers – Using Flowers in Interior Design

From spring to early summer is the perfect time to find inspiration in nature. All around there is so much beauty, particularly as the flowers begin to bloom. The colour palette is exquisite, from the pastel shades of sweet peas, lilacs and stocks, to the vibrant jewel-like colours of peonies, roses, foxgloves and lupins. When it rains, the raindrops glitter like crystals on spider webs, petals and rich green leaves.

All this beauty provides a wonderful opportunity to bring examples in your home. A beautiful floral display is decoration in itself, particularly if you have grown the flowers, combining not only beauty, but also fragrance.

Vintage rose paintings by artists such as Pierre-Joseph Redouté illustrate the beauty of botanical painting and drawing, but other famous artists have also captured floral images. As well as Claude Monet’s extensive Water Lilies series, Pierre-Auguste Renoir used flowers as inspiration, we particularly like his “Spring Bouquet” painting. Vincent Van Gogh’s “Still Life With Irises “is a vibrant painting, and for sheer exuberance Gustav Klimt’s “Flower Garden” is a cascade of colourful flowers.

Once antique fairs and centres have reopened, take time to look through old paintings, prints and books for examples of botanical and floral art. Modern day artists such as Rosie Sanders have also created the most magical of botanical images.

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Images below are taken from her book, all images are copyright of Rosie Sanders

Displays can include antique china; we particularly love Shelley Summer Glory chintz bone china, having inherited a small collection, it is one of our favourite possessions. There are many more beautiful Shelley designs, as well as floral collections from other designers from a similar period. China when combined with beautiful antique glass can make delightful collections.

Vintage and modern books can also be used in table displays, antique books often have wonderful photographs or illustrations that are separate to the text. There are also modern books which have the most beautiful and exquisite photography for example, London in Bloom by Georgianna Lane and Roses by Jane Eastoe, visit our Cutting Garden section for more inspiration.

Blousy roses, peonies, magnolias, poppies or smaller exquisite flowers have been an enduring source of inspiration for fabric designers such as William Morris, Sanderson, Liberty, Laura Ashley, Zoffany and Designers Guild.

Floral fabrics can be used in so many ways, as covers on chairs, curtains, tablecloths, wall-hangings, cushions, throws, or even framed like a piece of art. Many also have accompanying wallpaper, perfect for a statement wall, see our Beautiful Heirloom Home Directory for more sources of inspiration.

If you are decorating, taking the palest floral colour palette of soft pinks, lilac and pale green can create a relaxing room, or a peaceful reading corner.

Stitched Memories - Beautiful Heirloom HomeIf you enjoy creating, you can also create your own works of art, there are many sources of inspiration in our book reviews, we particularly like Stitched Memories – Telling a Story Through Cloth and Thread by Tilly Rose, in which she uses vintage fabrics, threads, lace, ribbon, buttons, beads, photographs and other found items to create beautiful and practical textile artworks that celebrate the lives of loved ones and can help you preserve your memories for generations to come.

If you are inspired to start collecting floral designs, you will be absolutely spoilt for choice, there are so many sources of wonderful examples, from stamps to old prints, to stationery, to fabric, to china, the list is endless!

Bringing flowers into your home can become a life-long passion, but one that will bring an endless source of uplifting joy.

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