The Kew Book of Embroidered Flowers – Trish Burr

11 inspiring projects with reusable iron-on transfers

This sumptuous and inspiring book, written by needlework expert Trish Burr and created in association with The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, is a stunning, contemporary guide to embroidering flowers. All the reusable iron-on transfers needed are kept safely together with the book in an attractive hardback folder.

Focusing mainly on long-and-short stitch and Trish’s delicate, considered use of silk shading, the book contains all the clearly-illustrated stitches needed, and gives thorough advice on preparation and choosing fabrics and threads including a handy thread conversion chart.

The embroideries are reworkings of botanical artworks from Kew’s Art Collection. There is one ‘starter’ project to encourage readers to try out the techniques, one large sampler containing 18 small elements that can be worked individually or as a group, and nine further projects including a striking spider chrysanthemum, an elegant waterlily and an opulent magnolia. All the projects are shown step-by-step, with an order of work diagram given where appropriate.

The enclosed reusable iron-on transfer papers offer embroiderers a fast and accurate method of transferring the designs – the transfers simply need ironing on to fabric so that the reader can start embroidering straight away. The templates are also included at full size at the back of the book.

This stunning yet practical book is a must-have for anyone interested in capturing flowers in thread.

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Every once in a while a book arrives that you cannot wait to open – The Kew Book of Embroidered Flowers by Trish Burr is such a book, this is a beautiful book, everything from the actual production and presentation of the book, to the illustrations inside, is truly inspiring.

Kew’s Library, Art & Archives was established in the 1850’s and now forms one of the greatest collections of botanical information found anywhere.As well as supporting the work of Kew’s scientists and horticulturalists it is also accessed by thousands of researchers, garden enthusiasts, historians and the general public around the world.

It is from this collection that Trish Burr’s beautiful embroideries have taken their inspiration.

The illustrations are exquisite and the detailed instructions contain everything to encourage any embroiderer to want to create their own examples.

The contents include a Foreword by Kew detailing their work. An Introduction from Trish explaining her own journey and encouraging everyone from beginner to advanced to become involved in creating their own work.

Trish uses a technique called needle painting, this is a technique of surface embroidery like painting a picture on fabric with a needle and thread, this is also known as silk shading, long-and-short  shading, or thread painting. She also includes very comprehensive details including everything you need to know to enable you to get started; including tools and materials, preparation, stitch instructions, how to practise the stitches, outlines, raised embroidery, anatomy of a flower, and useful advice before you start.

The projects are then divided into:

Simple projects including:
Japanese anemone, Flower sampler, Clematis, Camellia

Intermediate projects including:
Rhododendron, Waterlily, Iris, Spider chrysanthemum

Advanced projects including:
Rose, Magnolia, Poppy

Finally there are details on thread substitutes, the collection of templates and how to use the iron-on transfers.

The detail is so helpful, the step-by-step instructions take you through each stage of creating the pieces and the illustrations themselves are outstanding.

Embroidery is such a satisfying and wonderful activity and this gorgeous book is destined to become a beautiful heirloom providing inspiration for many generations to come, we absolutely adored it!

Highly Recommended!

The Kew Book of Embroidered Flowers – (Folder Edition) by Trish Burr – 11 inspiring projects with reusable iron-on transfers published by Search Press