RHS Your Wellbeing Garden: How to Make Your Garden Good for You – Science, Design, Practice – Royal Horticultural Society

Your garden could be even better for you.

Learn how connecting with nature can reduce stress and improve wellbeing. You don’t even need a garden – even a balcony or houseplants can help to boost your mood. Every recommendation is backed by scientific research, drawn together by the team of RHS scientists and experts.  Favourite garden designer at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show Matt Keightley then suggests how to translate the science into ideas for your green space.

How certain plants can form a barrier against air and noise pollution
Which birdsong alleviates anxiety
How plants can help to save energy
Why green is so good for us

RHS Your Wellbeing Garden: How to Make Your Garden Good for You - Science, Design, Practice - Royal Horticultural Society

With this groundbreaking book, find out how, in sometimes very simple ways, you can create an outdoor space that nourishes your mind and body, and is good for our planet too.

RHS Your Wellbeing Garden is published by DK, £16.99 (DK.com)

There are so many reasons to love this gorgeous book; it is written in a wonderfully accessible style, it is full of fascinating information that is relevant not only to established gardeners, but to everyone who wants to improve their own wellbeing, or that of their family and friends. Beautifully illustrated with the most uplifting photography and evocative illustrations, just browsing through it is an absolute joy.

We love the words used by Matt Keightley in his overall Introduction to the book, coupled with his beautiful garden designs which are included throughout the book.

It’s crucial to make your garden an inviting, beautiful space and one that is interesting, enraptures you, and invites your attention, that distracts you from mundane thoughts and encourages you to take time out to simply relax and enjoy.’

We love the way it is organised with each section having its own introduction. The key sections are as follows:

The Protective Garden
Plants as Potential Pollution-Busters
Plants as Potential Sound-Proofing
Creating a Low-Allergen Garden
Managing Pests the Natural Way

The Healing Garden
Feel Good with Vitamin G
How Your Garden Helps to Reboot Your Brain
How Gardening Can Boost Your Self Esteem
Gardening to Overcome Isolation
The Powerful Impact of Scent
Harnessing The Power of Colour
The Restorative Effects of Water
The Positive Power of Birdsong
Dirt is Good For You
Why the Garden Beats the Gym

The Nourishing Garden
The Secret Life of Healthy Soil
The Detoxing Power of Plants
A Medicine Chest in the Garden
Growing Your Own Food

The Sustainable Garden
The Cooling Effect of Plants
Save Energy with Plants
Future-Proofing for Drought
Make Your Garden a No-Flood Zone
Plant a Haven for Pollinators
Is Your Garden Really “Green”?
Saving Air Miles on Cut Flowers

RHS Your Wellbeing Garden: How to Make Your Garden Good for You - Science, Design, Practice - Royal Horticultural Society

Throughout the book there are so many delightful and meaningful quotes:

Plants provide a differently rich, yet totally familiar environment, so we ‘get lost’ in them, whether in miniature gardens or vast open landscapes’

Natural scenes no matter how small offer a mental break- a chance to escape from daily life and stress’

The natural world is filled with intriguing objects – leaves, flowers, snowflake patterns – that gain our attention, but in an effortless, almost mediative way’

A connection with nature is vital for good mental health and even the smallest garden can help calm a stressed mind’

There is so much to enjoy inside this delightful book, every section is bursting with fascinating information and so many uplifting and inspiring ideas to help you create your own outside space.

The Healing Garden is particularly fascinating, discussing the positive effects of scent, colour, and water, and how birdsong can help us reconnect with childhood memories. It also compares the benefits of gardening versus going to the gym.

If you are a beginner gardener you will particularly like the section on Saving Air Miles on Cut Flowers, beautifully illustrated, it explains how you can plant an all year round cutting garden selecting flowers that we can all recognise, such as tulip, daffodil, sweetpea, sunflower, love-in-a-mist, dahlia, allium and honesty.

Complete with a detailed reference section, helpful organisations and suggestions for further reading, this is an absolutely delightful and uplifting book, we loved it! Highly Recommended!