Green Home – The Joy of Living with Plants – Anders Røyneberg


Living with plants can enliven and enrich your surroundings, promoting feelings of relaxation and well-being. But where to start with curating that vital indoor collection?

Green Home features all the green plants Anders has collected in his own apartment of 50 square meters – over 100 plants – and how this inspires him towards greener, more balanced living.

With a guide to houseplant types, hints and tips on how to get your plants to thrive and also on how to integrate them into your home décor scheme, it’s a plant book with added personality.

This is a delightfully helpful book about living with plants.

The content includes:

Choosing the Right Plant
Styling and Decorating with Plants
Plants Room by Room
The Green Home in Practice
Plant Portraits

Green Home is a beautiful and informative book, including how to get started, propagation, hints and tips for plant care with advice about light, watering, feeding, plant care in the winter months, the selection of pots, compost and repotting, plant grooming, insects and pests and much more.

There is so much to enjoy in this book with stunning photography, and clear and accessible content. We particularly love the plant portraits section, which has beautiful photographs to help with identification, and detailed information about the best way to care for the plants you choose to bring into your home.

Green Home gives you the inspiration and knowledge to create your own private oasis and bring nature indoors.

Highly Recommended!

Green Home – The Joy of Living with Plants – Anders Røyneberg – Published by Quadrille