MAISON: PARISIAN CHIC AT HOME – Ines de la Fressange and Marin Montagut

One of our favourite books is MAISON: PARISIAN CHIC AT HOME by Ines de la Fressange and Marin Montagut, Flammarion.

We absolutely adore the style and approach of this utterly charming book. Packed full with page after page of glorious imagery, it is an absolutely wonderful stylish collection.

The book starts with Ines and Marin describing each other’s homes, highlighting the little intimate touches that make their homes totally unique to them.

We are then taken into the homes of other Parisians who have, as Ines and Marin describe:

‘Put their heart and soul into expressing their world and embellishing the details of everyday life – and they divulged their secrets to us along the way. Their guiding principle is to combine everything: the new with the old, the sophisticated with the antiquated, the luxurious with the simple. Furniture can be stripped, distressed or restored – as long as the result exudes charm’

And this charm underpins the whole book, each Parisian home is shared through inspirational ideas, exquisite watercolour illustrations from Marin, mood boards, including ‘Get the Look’ and stunning photography.

The authors have beautifully captured the essence of each home, taking the smallest of details and sharing the inspiration behind it:

‘My sources of inspiration for our apartment are nature, light and poetry’

‘I like simple, natural things, and I have my own style of combining old pieces with contemporary design. I like evoking the countryside in the city and the city in the countryside’

If you are looking for inspiration, whether you are a stylist, or want to create your own look for your home, this book is an absolute treasure!

© MAISON: PARISIAN CHIC AT HOME by Ines de la Fressange and Marin Montagut, Flammarion, 2018.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Ines de la Fressange is the best-selling author of Parisian Chic, art director of fashion and home accessories at Ines de la Fressange Paris, creative consultant for Roger Vivier, designer for men’s and women’s lines at Uniqlo and a model. Marin Montagut is a designer and an author and illustrator of the Bonjour City-Map Guides series. His Parisian garden-themed watercolors have been produced as wallpaper for Pierre Frey and ceramics for his own brand. His other collaborations include French brands such as Diptyque Paris, L’Occitaine, and Sézane. Claire Cocano is an award-winning French photographer. She works regularly for MilK Décoration and her photographs were published in Habiter Zingaro: Le fort d’Aubervilliers.

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