The New Elegance: Stylish, Comfortable Rooms for Today – Timothy Corrigan

Written by Timothy Corrigan, Contribution by Michael Boodro

AD100 and Elle Decor A-List designer Timothy Corrigan shares his secrets for creating rooms that are elegant and comfortable, luxurious yet livable.

Throughout his career, Corrigan has established a look that is layered and detailed, while always suitable for the way people live today. His distinctive approach encompasses practicality as well as beauty, merging European refinement with California comfort. Here, Corrigan shares homes in which he has defined a new contemporary elegance, including a John Fowler-inspired London townhouse, a Hollywood Regency-inspired Los Angeles Colonial, an art-filled Chicago apartment in the sky, and Corrigan’s own Paris pied-à-terre.

Corrigan includes advice throughout on how to adapt classic design principles and traditional forms to make them work for busy modern lives. Between each chapter are instructive interludes in which Corrigan outlines the building blocks of successful decoration, with fundamental topics such as scale and proportion, symmetry, architectural details, and working with color.

About The Author
Timothy Corrigan has been named to virtually every list of the world’s best designers and is the only American designer honored by the French Heritage Society for his restoration of several national landmarks in France. The work of his firm has been featured in over 1,000 prestigious publications. In addition, Corrigan has designed successful licensed collections with several partners, including Schumacher, Perennials, Fromental, Royal Limoges, THG Paris, and Samuel & Sons. He is the author of An Invitation to Chateau du Grand-Lucé.

Michael Boodro has written for numerous magazines and has worked as an editor at Vogue and Martha Stewart Living. Most recently, he was editor in chief of Elle Decor for seven years.

This is an utterly stunning book! From the photography on the jacket to the detail on the inside cover of the book to the richly illustrated content this book is a visual feast for the eyes. Singing with colour and full of beautiful examples of different homes this book is full of inspiration. 

Importantly, one of the main reasons that we love this book is described by Timothy Corrigan in his Introduction, 

‘Elegance is misunderstood. Too often, people think of elegance as being stiff or formal, as something that is applied or put on, a pose one strikes and then struggles to maintain…….It is dismissed as studied, mannered, even affected…….. Elegance is not something you save for a special occasion, something you wait to pull out, like your finest china or crystal on the holidays. Elegance, like beauty should be part of your life every single day……. Great design is not about the size of your space, or the budget you spend. It is a reflection of knowing who you are and what makes you comfortable, and living confidently and happily with the objects you choose and assemble.’

As he explains, the examples that he has chosen throughout the book define a contemporary elegance, where he has adapted classic design principles and traditional forms to make them work for busy modern lives.
We particularly love the way the book is structured; starting each chapter with detailed advice about successful decoration, followed by illustrated examples of this working in practice.
This invaluable information includes Scale and Proportion, Symmetry, Architectural Details, Impactful Surfaces, The Layered Look, Art and Mirrors, The Power of Color, Drama and Surprise, Comfort, Mixing Elements, Details are the Design.
There is so much inspiration in this gorgeous book; we love the sections on Architectural Details, The Layered Look, Mixing Elements and Comfort, but every page contains so much helpful advice and so many beautiful examples, it is a book to return to over and over again, and to treasure for many years to come.
Very Highly Recommended!
The New Elegance: Stylish, Comfortable Rooms for Today – Written by Timothy Corrigan, Contribution by Michael Boodro  Published by Rizzoli International Publications