A Year on Our Farm • How the Countryside Made Me – Matt Baker

Description: Matt Baker is at his happiest on the farm.

Away from the bright lights of hosting our favourite television programmes, Countryfile, The One Show, Blue Peter and many more, he is often in the company of his family, dogs, array of sheep, Mediterranean miniature donkeys and a whole host of wildlife in the farm’s ancient woodland.

Now, following the ever-changing seasons, Matt takes us on a journey with his family on the farm.

We see woodland animals emerge after a long winter of hibernation, hear the dawn chorus in the height of summer and see the preparations unfold for the harsh and wild winter months.

Peppered with hand drawn sketches, unforgettable moments from his TV career and stories of a landscape you’ll fall in love with, Matt offers readers a touching insight into life on the farm, and how the power and beauty of the countryside can be an inspiration and source of joy for all of us.

A celebration of the natural year, Matt Baker takes us on a journey through the seasons, his life on the farm and how the power and beauty of the countryside has made him who he is.


We were absolutely delighted to receive a copy of this book. Having loved the More4 television series, Our Farm in the Dales, we couldn’t wait to read more about Matt’s life in the countryside.

A Year on Our Farm – How the Countryside Made Me, is a fascinating account of Matt’s life in the country and how much he loves it. But it is much more than that, it is like an intimate conversation with Matt; his very natural writing style invites you to sit back, relax and listen to him share his journey. Full of wonderful descriptions and personal recollections about his career, this is an absolute delight. His descriptions of how he became a Blue Peter presenter will be an inspiration to anyone, particularly in the advice from his Dad,

“ Matthew, listen: don’t say anything that’s not true and most importantly of all…..just be yourself”

That advice has seemed to have stayed with him throughout his career and that genuineness shines throughout this book, from his accounts of all his different career choices, the people he has met, to his life on the farm.

There are also some wonderful additions to this book, examples of Matt’s stunning artwork, full colour photographs of Matt at different periods in his life and details of websites where you can find out expert information about every element of wildlife. 

This book is really special, and after the past eighteen months, we find his advice in one of his final chapters so very relevant, recognising the daily struggles that many people are suffering he explains,

 “ But if you are able to find a path out to the countryside, a field, a hilly walk, or a peaceful valley, just any natural environment, if you can find time to immerse yourself in all of that ….it will enrich your life.”

A Year on Our Farm – How the Countryside Made Me is an uplifting, inspiring, heart-warming personal account and we absolutely loved it. Destined to be one of Our Favourite Books of 2021. Highly Recommended!