Timeless Paris: Ateliers – Emporiums – Savoir Faire by Marin Montague

Description: Artist and designer Marin Montagut takes readers inside his favourite quintessentially Parisian locations, seemingly untouched by time, that provide rich creative inspiration.

Discover the studios and shops where artisans hand­craft and sell exquisite items on-site in charming Parisian locations where the skill has been passed on for decades—or centuries—of continuous operation. These often-hidden gems provide unique details that will inspire designers, artists, and creatives of all stripes.

To source the unique elements that can define the character of a room, clients—such as the Metro­politan Museum—have ordered custom decorative curtain tassels from Passementerie Verrier since 1753. A visit to Boiseries Féau can transform even the humblest apartment into a château interior with a restored carved door or elaborate molding. A la Providence and its array of hardware and fittings from every decorative period is a home renovator’s heaven.

For the artist—the finest supplies and the dreamiest ateliers are peppered through the capital. Degas’s graceful dancers were drawn with pigments from the Maison du Pastel, which has hand-rolled a mesmer­izing palette of colors according to their secret trademarked formula since 1720. Fashion designers have chosen from the thousands of hat trimmings, buttons, ribbons, and sumptuous fabrics in stock at Ultramod since 1832.

Revel in the city’s artisanal traditions; this book is a vibrant source of inspiration in twenty quaint, time­less spaces.


We first discovered Marin Montagut as the co-author with Inès de la Fressange of Maison: Parisian Chic at Home which we absolutely adored. We were so delighted to discover that he was creating Timeless Paris Ateliers Emporiums Savoir Faire

This book is an absolute treasure trove of delights as Marin takes readers inside his favourite Parisian locations, including his own boutique. Based on his own explorations of his favourite city, he was determined to seek out the city behind the scenes, with all its secrets and surprises. 

“Venturing across these thresholds I found myself stepping into boutiques and workshops steeped in history and brimming with unexpected treasures, I encountered dedicated men and women who are the humble guardians of a priceless heritage of artisanal and ancestral expertise….All of these establishments are dedicated to preserving the soul of Paris.”

Today, skilled craftspeople continue to restore architectural details, print lithographs, weave decorative trimmings, hand roll pastels, or blend traditional herbal remedies right in the heart of Paris.

Inspired by these discoveries he decided to create a book to share and celebrate these special places. As you turn the pages you will discover hidden museums, traditional ateliers and old world emporiums.  Each of them is like a moment suspended in time, captured in photographs and illustrated by Marin’s beautiful watercolours and mood boards. 

He shares details of his own boutique at 48 Rue Madame, a former upholsterer’s workshop, he reconfigured the space to create three distinct rooms: a curio shop, a boudoir and a studio. He carefully restored the original parquet floors and terra-cotta floor tiles, and salvaged pigeonhole shelving from an old grocery store in the south of France to display his treasures. He also brings back intriguing and beautiful finds whenever he travels, his love of antique hunting, which stems from his childhood, has never left him. Each week he returns laden with old globes, apothecary jars, and other curiosities to delight his future visitors.

We may not have been able to travel to Paris, but if ever there was a book to inspire you to visit as soon as possible it would be this stunning example. Richly illustrated with beautiful photography, and Marin’s exquisite illustrations and evocative descriptions, this is a very special book capturing the history and soul of a beautiful city.

Very Highly Recommended! One of our Favourite Books of 2021!

We were especially delighted to interview Marin about the inspiration behind this beautiful book, you can read more here: 


Extracted from Timeless Paris: Ateliers • Emporiums • Savoir Faire by Marin Montagut, Flammarion 2021.Photographs by Pierre Musselec and Ludovic Balay and Romain Ricard.