From the Veg Patch: 10 favourite vegetables, 100 simple recipes everyone will love – Kathy Slack

Description: Everyday recipes that make vegetables the star of the show.

Kathy Slack takes us through a year in her veg patch in this celebration of her ten favourite things to grow and eat.

Peas, lettuce, courgettes, beans, tomatoes, beetroot, squash, apples, kale and leeks; all simple to grow, affordable and readily available to anyone without a growing space of their own. Most recipes are vegetarian, some use meat or fish, but every dish makes veg the star of the plate. This is food for everyone and every day.

Here are recipes to herald the start of spring (Pea, Feta and Mint Frittata) to enjoy on a sweltering summer day (A Tomato-lovers Salad with Anchovy Breadcrumbs) to warm you up as the nights start to draw in (Pumpkin Tikka Masala) and to hunker down with in the depths of winter (Leek, Chestnut and Cider Crumble).

Whether you grow your own vegetables at home or buy them at the supermarket, these beautiful recipes celebrate ingredients at their very best and are a joy to cook and eat.


This is an utterly gorgeous book, written from the heart with a passion and love for not just vegetables, but the whole ethos of plant based gardening and eating.

Taking Ten vegetables;

Peas, Lettuce and Leaves, Courgettes, Beans, Tomatoes, Beetroot, Winter Squash and Pumpkins, Apple and Pears, Kale and Leeks.

Kathy has created the most delicious recipes for a whole variety of meals, the versatility she shares is so inspiring.

The photography is beautiful and Kathy’s writing is sublime:

Peas, I picked the first peas at dawn….

June. Dawn.

One of those early summer dawns when the dew rises into a haze over the lawn and the stone walls of our house are turned amber by the honeyed morning light. Tea is brewing and I am in the veg patch, pyjama-ed.

Yesterday, while tucking wayward pea tendrils back into their netting, I noticed that some of the pea pods were plump, the peas within no longer clattering around their cavernous shells, but swelled and chubby almost bursting. Today, I will eat them: the first peas of the year.’

This isn’t just a cookery book, it is a love letter celebrating the joy of growing and eating vegetables.

One of our Favourite Cookery Books this year. Highly Recommended

From the Veg Patch: 10 favourite vegetables, 100 simple recipes everyone will love by Kathy Slack published by Ebury Press.