The Gardener’s Garden – Phaidon Editors

Inspiration across continents and centuries

Description: The ultimate celebration of the world’s most gorgeous gardens – now with a fresh, new look.

This internationally bestselling inspirational resource for garden lovers and designers sports a gorgeous new cover design – bringing the book’s winning blend of authority and visual appeal to a wider-than-ever audience.

The Gardener’s Garden spans seven centuries to spotlight more than 250 of the globe’s finest permanent gardens by leading garden designers, horticulturalists, and landscape architects, brought to life via more than 1,000 sumptuous photographs and in descriptive texts by leading garden writers.


The Gardener’s Garden is an absolutely stunning book designed to showcase the most exquisite of gardens. In today’s climate of lockdown this serves as a poignant reminder of all the beautiful gardens that exist across the world.

In the Foreword, Madison Cox states, ‘In today’s world, in which the rapidly changing natural environment is at well-documented risk, the importance of gardens and their role has never been greater. The role of both amateur and professional gardeners is vital to understanding the delicate balance that is needed for humans to sustain ourselves in a global state of transformation. While a source of inspiration for some and a practical guide for many, The Gardener’s Garden is also a testament to centuries of human passion for the garden. Passion is the key factor – and it is passion that has created all the examples that the reader will discover within The Gardener’s Garden.’

The sheer scale of this book is impressive, an international team of leading garden writers, designers and horticultural experts have assembled a collection of favourite gardens from across the globe, from the world-famous to the unknown.

Each garden is described with a detailed overview of its history, the key features and illustrated with outstanding photography.

This is a delightful book to treasure, and in the absence of the ability to travel, this inspiring book delivers the most beautiful gardens to the comfort of your home.

We absolutely loved it! Highly Recommended!

The Gardener’s Garden by Phaidon Editors is published by Phaidon.