Visiting Stonehenge, and uncovering the story of this World Heritage Site is always special, but going inside the stones as part of The Stone Circle Experience makes your visit even more memorable.
It’s hard to comprehend the sheer scale of the achievement of the creation of this incredible monument until you are standing next to the stones and you marvel at the height and apparent weight and the feat of balancing some of the stones. 

Images credit of English Heritage

The Stone Circle Experience at Stonehenge is a magical opportunity to visit the stones in a small group outside of the main visiting hours. It gives you chance to take your own very personal photographs of the magnificent stones. It’s well organised with a very helpful and knowledgeable guide who shares fascinating information about the stones; but you also have the freedom to take your time to pause and meditate and wonder at the achievement and take your own photographs. (To protect this precious monument you are requested not to stand on, or touch the stones)

The location of the stones adds to the atmospheric feeling of the site and for photographers there are endless opportunities to create the most evocative images of the texture of the stones, or the different combinations of the shapes of the stones against the skyline. 

The timing of these special experiences also includes the opportunity to capture sunrises and sunsets but whenever you visit there are wonderful opportunities to photograph the stones against an ever changing skyline. Our visit was on quite a grey day, but this only added to the atmosphere.
As well as the stones themselves there is a fascinating exhibition centre where you can discover how the Stonehenge builders lived and worked and find answers to all your questions from the knowledgeable staff and volunteers. On display you will find archaeological objects and treasures including jewellery, pottery and tools.There are also other ongoing visiting exhibitions.
When you want a break, there is a cafe with a wonderful view, and specially commissioned artworks adding to the ambiance, serving a delicious range of hot and cold food, much of which is locally sourced, including salads, sandwiches, soup, pasties, and their world famous rock cakes! There are items on the menu to meet most dietary requirements. There is also a dedicated picnic area if you prefer to take your food outside, or bring your own picnic, and before you leave you can visit the well-stocked shop full of tasteful and imaginative Stonehenge memorabilia.

Images credit of English Heritage

As a family group with teenage children, there was something for everyone to enjoy, the scale of the stones, the history and mystical nature of the site, the specialness of the Experience, the variety and affordable nature of the gifts in the shop and the cafe made it a wonderful day. Everything was well-organised, when we arrived we asked a member of staff who showed us where to get on the shuttle bus and then we had a quick look around the visitor centre and gift shop. Everything was easily accessible and clearly displayed. Then we met with our guide who took us onto the shuttle bus, we had a short safety briefing on the bus and a historical talk about the surrounding area. Once we had descended from the bus our guide continued his talk about the stones and we also had an opportunity to take photographs of the stone circle before we entered inside. It was truly amazing to be so close to the stones and to have access to take this image before anyone was inside.

Once everyone had taken their photographs, we all entered inside (groups are limited to 30 people) there is more than enough room for everyone to walk around the stones either individually or with small groups of people. You had the choice to either listen to the guide talk about the stones and the history in detail or you could wander around independently. We decided to have a mix of both, I listened to the guide for a while – which was fascinating and then I also walked all around the outside of the stones taking in their huge height which you don’t get a sense of until you are literally underneath them.

You have an hour inside the circle which was ample time to sit and meditate or to wander around the stones, while you aren’t allow to touch the stones you can get close enough to see amazing markings, details, etched names and the sparkling granite on them. It truly was a once in a lifetime experience.

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In addition the freedom and the opportunity to be outside in the fresh air, with space to wander after the years of restrictions because of Covid 19. made this an even more special  experience  A Highly Recommended family day out.

If you would like to arrange your own visit you can find out more here:

With our thanks to English Heritage and the Stonehenge team for arranging this visit for us.