BAKE WITH JACK – Bread Every Day – Jack Sturgess

All the best breads and simple, step-by-step recipes to use up every crumb!

Make your own bread and don’t waste a slice.

I’m Jack, professional-chef-turned-breadmaker on a mission to give everyone the knowledge they need to make their own amazing bread at home.

Most breads – including the fancy ones – don’t need loads of the hard work. I’ve figured this out and want to share my tips and tricks with you. Master 30 breads, including classic sandwich loaves, bloomers, rolls, rye, ciabatta, focaccia, fruit breads and sweet buns, pitta and bagels, sourdough and pizza dough. 

Try my meal ideas to use up every last crumb – from epic sandwiches and the best things on toast to hearty meals like easy spaghetti meatballs that use up stale bread, salads and soups with the crunchiest croutons, and doughnut offcuts served with gloriously gooey chocolate and marshmallow dip!

There are recipes here everyone will love.


This is an absolutely fabulous book! Beautifully photographed with Jack’s reassuring narrative, it is such a magical invitation to start baking your own bread!

As well as a comprehensive introduction covering equipment, the principles of bread, the importance of temperature, basic techniques and special moves, and the fundamentals of shaping and baking.

The content is divided into:
Simple Loaves & Rolls
Wet Doughs and Flat Breads
Flavoured  Breads
Stone Baking
Enriched Doughs

The bread recipes are absolutely delicious, and include such tempting ideas as Parmesan Poached Eggs with Rosemary Crouton Soldiers, Sourdough Crispbreads with the Best Dips in the World, Christmas Stolen, Hot Cross Bun”Pancake’ Stack, plus favourites like Ciabatta, Fougasse, Focaccia, Garlic and Pitta bread; but it is also the recipes and additional suggestions, like how to make your own flavoured butters, or different toast toppings that make this such a special book.

You will never be without a suggestion for a tasty snack, or meal with this mouth-watering book in your kitchen. We absolutely loved it, Highly Recommended!