At Home with Art – Olivia de Fayet, Fanny Saulay with Marie Vendittelli

A Beginner’s Guide to Collecting on any Budget


A work of art—whether it is unexpected, groundbreaking, or one of a kind—can personalise your interior and transform it into a home like no other.

But actually purchasing a signature piece—or even crossing the threshold into a gallery—can be a daunting act. How can you develop your own taste and gauge whether you’re making a worthwhile investment ?
Olivia de Fayet and Fanny Saulay, founders of the new-generation art gallery Wilo & Grove, have compiled their expert advice into this step-by-step guide that takes the guesswork out of purchasing and provides amateur collectors with everything they need to know. 
They explain the workings of the art market, offer pointers on how to take the plunge and make your first purchase, suggest inspirational ways to showcase your collection, and share their expertise in framing, hanging, and preserving artworks.
This essential reference will give collectors of tomorrow the confidence to select artworks that will embellish their homes for a lifetime.


We absolutely love this book! More and more of us are inspired to either create our own artwork, or personalise our surroundings by adding artwork to our decor and this book is such a helpful guide, packed with information.

The innovative content includes the most helpful but also inspiring advice. It is structured around the following:

Be Aware – Art and the Art Market – The Market Players – this section is full of essential advice and information about the history of art, how art is sold and how to get into the art market.

Be Bold – Take the Plunge  Buy Art – So You’ve Decided to Get Started  – full of encouragement about how to get started buying art and even what to do if you regret a purchase.

Be Savvy – How to Become an Informed Collector – essential information about authenticity, how to document your collection and taxation of artworks.

Be Creative – How to Arrange Your Artworks – How to Take care of Your Artworks – this is one of our favourite sections of the book, full of uplifting images and helpful advice about where to place your art, the right way to hang a framed artwork, mastering the art of composition, the art of combining objects, the secrets of framing, the importance of lighting, how to preserve your artworks and restoring a work of art.

Be Curious – This last section – includes a very helpful glossary of art terms, finding inspiration and a beautiful summary collection of works and artists.

Olivia de Fayet and Fanny Saulay have taken their own extensive art experience and created a beautiful book, full of uplifting and inspiring images and created an essential reference for anyone who wants to surround themselves with works of art and have always wondered about how to start a collection.

We absolutely loved it! Highly Recommended!

At Home with Art – Olivia de Fayet, Fanny Saulay with Marie Vendittelli is published by Flammarion