The Bargain Hunt Spotter’s Guide to Antiques – Karen Farrington

Description: Bargain Hunt is a British institution, entertaining audiences for over 20 years, and encouraging us to look for diamonds in the rough at antique fairs and shops across the country. A Bargain Hunt is more than just a quest for cash, though – from traveller’s trunks and tea caddies to walking canes, coins and quirky costumes, each of the items chosen has their own story to tell, forming a small part of our collective social history.

The Bargain Hunt Spotter’s Guide to Antiques is packed with essential information from the Bargain Hunt experts on identifying quality across a range of antiques. From makers’ marks and tell-tale historical styles to details in foils and finials, this will be your one-stop guide to making good choices on your own bargain hunt – while also delving into the fascinating stories behind many of our favourite antiques.

With a foreword from Natasha Raskin Sharp, as well as tips, advice, and stories throughout from each of the show’s experts (including ‘league tables’ of best and worst finds), this is the essential companion to all your future Bargain Hunts!


If you have ever watched the BBC Bargain Hunt programme you will be familiar with the format, which has become as much of a tradition as the programme itself. Two teams in red and blue fleeces, buying three items to take to auction in a bid to make a profit, assisted by an expert who can use any remaining money to buy a bonus item to help them make a profit. If all items make a profit, the team receives a ‘golden gavel’ which is a lapel pin. In difficult times the programme is always upbeat, comforting and attracts audiences of all ages from university students to those retired. 

In The Bargain Hunt Spotter’s Guide to Antiques, the author Karen Farrington and Natasha Raskin Sharp, one of the show’s experts and now co-presenter, takes the reader behind the scenes of the programme and share fascinating information, tips and advice about how to find your own bargains.
The content is divided into the following: Introduction, Ceramics, Jewellery, Toys, Travel, Glass, Silver, Victoriana, Furniture, Kitchen and Garden, Posters and Pictures, Entertainment, Twentieth Century, Militaria,  Sports and Games, Clocks and Watches, Christmas, Clothes, Cloth and Leather.

Each category includes references to items bought during the programme, the subsequent outcome at auction as well as general information about the development and history of the antiques in that particular category.The programme’s experts also share their own personal experiences of items that they have bought, their personal interests and tips and advice about what to look out for when buying antiques.

The Bargain Hunt Spotter’s Guide to Antiques, is like a delightful conversation with the programme’s favourite experts, full of fascinating information that can start you on a lifetime of collecting, or simply help you enjoy the programme even more. Highly Recommended!