Grow Fruit & Vegetables in Pots – Aaron Bertelsen

Planting Advice & Recipes from Great Dixter

Description: Expert planting advice for growing fruit and vegetables in pots from the acclaimed English garden – with 50 delicious recipes.


The Container Kitchen Garden. Photography by Andrew Montgomery (pages 14-15)

Beautifully illustrated, Grow Fruit & Vegetables in Pots provides clear, practical information on growing fruit and vegetables in containers, whether that be a window box or a terracotta pot on a balcony. Aaron Bertelsen of the acclaimed English garden at Great Dixter will guide you through what to grow, which pots to use, give personal tips on varieties to choose, and advice on cultivation and care.

Featuring more than 50 delicious recipes, Bertelsen shows that lack of space is no barrier to growing what you want to eat, and proves that harvesting and cooking food you have grown yourself is a total pleasure, with dishes that showcase a few perfectly chosen – and personally grown – ingredients.

If ever there was a book of the moment, Grow Fruit & Vegetables in Pots by Aaron Bertelsen would be a definite candidate. This delightful book is packed full of really helpful advice on how to make the most of the smallest of spaces.

‘Within this book I hope to show that lack of space is no barrier to being able to enjoy the pleasure of growing – and eating your own. Far from being limiting, container gardening offers endless possibilities……. my aim is to show that with very little planning and effort, growing and cooking your own fruit and vegetables can be an immensely pleasurable and rewarding experience.

The Container Kitchen Garden: Choosing Containers. Photography by Andrew Montgomery (page 26)

The content includes, Introduction, The Container Kitchen Garden, Growing Guide, Recipes, Glossary, Dealing with Pests, Garden & Recipe Notes.

Recipes (chapter opener). Photography by Andrew Montgomery (pages 110- 111)

Within the book there is excellent advice about choosing what to grow, from the very simplest salad leaves and herbs to more ambitious figs, apricots and peaches, plus edible flowers. It also includes how to choose containers, tools & equipment, and general growing advice for a whole variety of crops. The second half of the book includes the most delicious recipes for breakfast, soups, mains, salads & side dishes, cakes & desserts, preserves & drinks.

With beautiful photography this is a really inspiring and uplifting book.

Highly Recommended!

Grow Fruit and Vegetables in Pots by Aaron Bertelsen is published by Phaidon – photography by Andrew Montgomery