London in Bloom – Georgianna Lane

Description: Acclaimed photographer Georgianna Lane chronicles the flower markets, gardens, and floral boutiques of London.

London in Bloom, showcases the floral abundance of the English capital’s extraordinary parks, gardens, florists, and flower markets. In this companion to her popular books Paris in Bloom and New York in Bloom, Georgianna Lane takes us on a romantic floral tour of London, juxtaposing luscious blooms with intricate floral details found in the city’s iconic architecture. The book also includes a detailed list of recommended parks, gardens, markets, and floral designers; a spring tour of blossoms and blooms; a field guide of common spring-blooming trees and shrubs; and step-by-step instructions for creating a London-style bouquet. For flower lovers and Anglophiles alike, London in Bloom offers a unique and irresistible view of London.

London in Bloom by Georgianna Lane (Abrams Image, £14.99) available now.
Photographs copyright © 2020 Georgianna Lane

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This is undoubtably one of the most beautiful books we have ever reviewed, in London in Bloom, Georgianna Lane celebrates the most glorious of images taken in parks, flower markets, parks, florists, and many more places.

We love the way she has combined the architecture, the buildings and the most beautiful of flowers. Georgianna has an amazing eye, and as she described, her inspiration comes from so many beautiful and different sources;

gilded ceiling medallions, spiral staircases, that mirror the whorled petals of an unfolding flower, painted panels in stately homes, designer fabrics, vintage cars, flowery china teacups, pubs festooned with flowers that are echoed in their etched and frosted windows, the rose gates at the National Portrait Gallery, imposing white Mayfair mansions that take themselves seriously and pastel-painted Notting Hill houses that don’t’

The content includes: Introduction, Parks and Gardens, Floral Boutiques, Market Flowers, Floral Displays, plus Resources and Gardens, Creating Your Own London – Style Bouquet, Field Guide to Common Spring-Blooming Trees and Shrubs in London, Spring Tour of Blossoms and Blooms, Selected Addresses.

At a time when travel is restricted, and many are concerned and anxious, this exquisite book is is the most delightful way to escape to another time and place and a hope for the future.

We absolutely adored it. Highly Recommended!